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In many industries, personal customer contact is key to business success and will remain so in the future. However, how providers acquire new customers is changing. Because typical customers already interact online 3 - 7 times before contacting a provider personally.

We are developing a new kind of online marketing solution that enables providers to successfully design these 3 - 7 interactions.

The team of Industry+

Bild von Matthias Baldinger

Matthias Baldinger

Founder – Business development

Bild von Fabian Rahm

Fabian Rahm

Founder – Product development and technology

Bild von Claudia Ammann

Claudia Ammann

UX Designerin

Tanja Gerster


Bild von Peter Sacco

Peter Sacco

Software developer

Our joint venture partner


We develop and run the digital meeting points together with our joint venture partner Messe Luzern. Messe Luzern organizes the leading trade fair for the target groups of the digital meeting points.

The team of Messe Luzern for the digital meeting points

Image of René Ziswiler

René Ziswiler

Head of industry trade fairs


Image of Sara Bussmann

Sara Bussmann

Deputy head of industry trade fairs


Would you like to learn more about Industry+ and Messe Luzern

We would be happy to discuss our solutions with you personally.






Industry+ is a brand of Additively AG.

Additively AG
Gasometerstrasse 9
8005 Zürich

Tel: +41 44 552 44 64
E-Mail: contact@industry.plus

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