Industry+ is now Conteo

In order to be even more successful with us at trade fairs and in content marketing in the future, we have continued our development and are now called Conteo.

Discover our new website now: Conteo

Is personal customer contact key for you?

Then it will remain so in the future. However, your customers interact with you not only personally, but also online.

Industry+ is an innovative online marketing solution, with which you successfully design the online interactions with your customers.

How do you successfully design online interactions?

Not with advertisement, but with interesting and relevant stories. Thus, with content marketing.

Successful content marketing with Industry+

Industry+ provides you with what you need for successful content marketing:

Reach your audience

We run digital meeting points for different target groups.

Understand interests

The users of the digital meeting points enter their interests.

Tell your stories

You present your stories targeted to the interests

Gain new customers

Interested new customers contact you.

Industry+ supports you with your marketing and sales goals

Our solution focuses on the following objectives:


Stay in contact
with prospects

Get noticed,
brand building


in a topic

Search engine
optimization, SEO

Use Video as a
new format

Create content for
social media

Are these goals relevant to you?
Then make an appointment for a discussion with us.

Content marketing works best in combination with live marketing – then we call it Content-Live-Marketing

Would you like to successfully design the personal and online interactions with your customers? Therefore, we combine our online marketing solution with leading trade fairs – and call it Content-Live-Marketing.

More than 100 companies already use the online marketing solution Industry+

Companies like:

Would you like to benefit from Industry+?

Matthias Baldinger is looking forward to showing you the possibilities and answer your questions.

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Matthias Baldinger

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